Anya Ivy

  • 213kviews
  • Birthday:
    28 January 1992
  • Birth place:
    Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • Height:
    5'2" (157cm)

Anya Ivy is an extremely beautiful black cutie from Atlanta, Georgia. She started her fast-rising porn career in 2014 when she was just 22 years old and fresh out of college. Anya has been acting ever since she could remember so fucking on film doesn't bother her one bit! Anya earned her top flight status as one of the industry's premiere ebony performers with her print model face, petite buxom body and of course, her all-natural D cup tits. This is Anya's very first time doing virtual reality porn. Share the experience with her by donning on your VR headset and get INSIDE the action!

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