Chloe Temple

  • 48.3kviews
  • Birthday:
    6 February 1998
  • Birth place:
  • Height:
    5'2" (157cm)

Chloe Temple is cute as a button but she's got some real naughty habits! She's the ultimate girl next door turned XXX diva and she has only started her hardcore career. Chloe's debut in porn came in 2018 and in a very short time, she's become very popular with fans around the globe. Standing in at 5-foot-3, Chloe's slim frame and intoxicating smile becomes the centerpiece of any set. You'll be hooked by her big, brown eyes and this All-American hottie has the booty that's absolute perfection! Discover Chloe for yourself and meet her in virtual reality.

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