Dolly Leigh

  • 110kviews
  • Birthday:
    31 August 1991
  • Birth place:
    Madison, Wisconsin
  • Height:
    5'5" (165cm)

Dolly Leigh is almost too cute for words. This Midwest cutie is from Madison Wisconsin and has been in the adult industry since 2015. This strawberry blonde hottie is a sweet and sexy firecracker measuring in at 5 feet 5 inches and is always a pleasure to work with. In her relatively short career, Dolly has been nominated for notable industry awards that include Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene in 2017 and for Best All-Girl Group Scene in 2016. You probably recognize Dolly from some of your favorite lesbian and creampie sex vids. Dolly Leigh earns some serious creativity points for her previous alias, "Brooke BeaverBeater". Enjoy her in VR now!

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