Heather Vahn

  • 48.1kviews
  • Birthday:
    26 September 1988
  • Birth place:
    La Mirada, California, United States
  • Height:
    5'3" (160cm)

Heather Vahn is simply amazing. She keeps her fans captivated with her bubbly and cheerful personality and exotic looks. Heather's slim body and sizzling gaze has won the hearts of porn lovers the world over. She was born in La Mirada California and her mixed French, Navaho and Latina heritage helps give her a unique style. Heather Vahn started her adult career in 2008 and since then has been featured in a variety of adult titles as she's made her transition to MILF content. Heather has also been vocal about her love of fetish and sub play. She's stated her affinity for being dominated in past interviews.

Downward Doggystyle
Snow Wild And The Seven Dildos
Give Me Attention
Sexy housewife
Lesbian couple
Heartbreaker MILF Heather
How I Met My Step Mother

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