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What our valued members are saying...

"I recently let my subscription to a competitor lapse. I will miss it but I can't even get through all the content here at this point. Would still love to see some more interracial, mmf, or fetish if you are looking to add more studios."

- vanter, POVR Forum

"POVR is such an incredible value. So much content! If they had a portal similar to one of their competitors where I could surf through the content and stream reliably it would be perfect. Someday."

- vanter, POVR Forum

"Daymn! This latest Lola scene is super hot. Early on I thought there was some kinda' catch with POVR but these exclusive scenes and all the added studios - it ended up a way bigger value than I thought. I like surprises! Stay on target!"

- FALSEDOGS, Twitter



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