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Comments (16)
> @Fuzion64 windows 10 64 bit pro

It may be that you need HEVC (h265) support on the Windows level:

(having LAV filters doesn't fully cover HEVC, unfortunately)
> @Fuzion64 what is the best version of the video to watch for someone with a 970 GTX and occulus rift CV1

The Nvidia GTX 9xx series don't have native hardware decoding support for H.265/HEVC, so your CPU has to do all the work.

**You are probably limited to something like "PS VR 1600p" which is H.264/AVC encoded with this outdated GPU.**

Depending on your CPU, you may be able to run _"Oculus VR 1920p (Go / Quest)"_ encoded in HEVC, but this will be extremely demanding on your CPU. My old PC (i7 9900k @ 4 GHz) could barely handle these run on the CPU alone, when I closed absolutely every other background task and still had 95-98% CPU load.

So, I would suggest you to upgrade your GPU to a GTX 1000-series or better a 2000-series, since the 3000-series just released, you should be able to get a good second-hand one on eBay or whatever you prefer for a very good price.

You could also re-encode the 1920p files with H.264/AVC youself, to keep the visual quality, but it will double the file size, as it requires 2x the bitrate compared to H.265/HEVC.

Or, take the easy (and cheaper) route and get a standalone VR headset like the Quest 2, which should be able to play even 8k files (not 100% verified yet, only based on looking on its hardware stats).
Unable to watch oculus rift H265 its choppy doing micro pauses every 2-3 seconds what is the best version of the video to watch for someone with a 970 GTX and occulus rift CV1. It doesn't show a H264 option under oculus for newer videos. Which has better image? Dreamview, Playstation, Samsung, or other. I'm using whirligig as its my preferred player for barrel 180 sbs videos. Just to confirm I have LAV filters installed and direct show selected. It doesn't matter when its H265. My OS is windows 10 64 bit pro with a oculus rift CV1.
@mrpov3312 We are aware of the issue. I've contacted DelightXR about the issue and we are waiting for a fix or more information.
> @dlstalker breast release

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