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44 min  •  11 November, 2021

Audrey Madison is the hottest location scout in town but she has had a run of bad luck. After your big scene went tits up, Audrey wants to make it all up to you with a whole new location to check out. She gives you a tour before ending things off in the master bedroom but does Audrey's hard work get your thumbs up? She'll do what it takes to preserve this business relationship and her good name. Audrey puts this bedroom set to good use and shows you all the angles with an unforgettable round of fucking!

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Comments (11)
3 months ago
Full disclaimer, the following is my opinion only. I feel like that should be understood, but put that out there anyway. Take it for what it's worth. Maybe it's worth nothing :)

This is a decent addition to the MilfVR catalogue, but could have been a lot better. I only need to see it one time.

Audrey is beautiful. She gave a good performance. Nice range of facial expressions with one really memorable, standout vr screenshot worthy moment at 23:13. I do think she was underutilized. How do you do that when there are only two actors? Let's look.

Stuntcock was average sized (which is fine), but the long camera distance in the standing BJ was unflattering. My main critique of his performance is his use of hands felt unskilled and lacked passion. Nice ending sequence and cumshot though. That was his best moment.

In contrast to his performance, if you check out the recent VRHush title Star Performer WFH, I feel like that stuntcock's performance actually made the scene. His hand usage is excellent, and his fucking is more exciting throughout, as opposed to just the last sequence leading up to the cumshot. You could also reference Mr. Gusto or The White Knight, both have excellent hand usage.

Technical aspects like clarity, color and scale were good, but I felt like positions, framing of the scene, and angles could have been better. Some shots are probably very challenging, but I've seen other productions by Wankz and MilfVR do it better.

I feel like Audrey did everything she could to give us the best performance, but for the reasons mentioned the overall production was not as exciting or satisfying as it could have been.

I'm probably not saying everything correctly the way I want to say it but I'm limited on time.
3 months ago
Wow was unaware of her but Audrey's a knockout! Good scene and VR performance hopefully she comes back
3 months ago
Just skimming through the 2d version after I got off work and it looks pretty good. Looking forward to checking out the vr version.
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