Natasha Starr

  • 76.9kviews
  • Birthday:
    10 October 1986
  • Birth place:
    Warsaw, Poland
  • Height:
    5'7" (170.18cm)

Natasha Starr is a sensational European goddess who's sexy onscreen personality is rivaled only by her appetite for hard dick! Natasha is originally from Poland and since 2011, she's been featured in many top XXX titles and series. She has also been nominated for a variety of industry awards and continues to gain recognition today. Natasha is far from shy and will expertly tackle any challenge no matter how big! You probably remember her fine work in a few of your favorite DP, interracial and anal sex scenes. At 5-foot-7, Natasha can dominate any production set with her luscious MILF curves and amazing smile.

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