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45 min  •  3 August, 2022

She does it for the Luv of the music and you do it for the Luv of the money! As the biggest record producer in town you owe your success to Jazmin Luv. She is the biggest name on your label and a total diva too. She wants the most outrageous music video ever but her tastes are very expensive. Jazmin will do what it takes to make it to the top of the charts and she always gets what she wants. She will suck on your dick and go for a ride and you'll lock her in to a whole new tour as you tour her tight hole! Show Jazmin some real love and blast her pretty face with cum. Welcome to Not-A-Virgin Records, the empire YOU built!

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Comments (12)
2 weeks ago
If you ever are struggling with sleep, this scene will help. I'm sort of an insomniac, but watched the video for about 6 minutes and the next thing I knew I woke up from a comatose feeling very refreshed albeit a terrible cramp in my right hand.
2 months ago
Jazmin looked amazing in this! Loved the outfit and her new pink hair...she looked super hot, and the sexy heels even stayed on for a bit. 👍 BJ was hot, loved Jazmin getting pounded in CG, and enjoyed the cumshot, with her sexily licking her fingers after. Overall a great scene, definitely Jazmin's best scene yet. A great week for scenes all round. 👍
2 months ago
Damn near perfect scene. Put her on the list. She's good. She's very good.

Not typically one for scenarios at all but for whatever reason I do enjoy sexual bribery scenarios, particularly of the "behind the desk"/"boss"/"head-dude" variety. Might blame Leah Gotti for that one. Gods that was a good scene...

Also a big fan of the tease-y dance-y stuff in the beginning.
The record scratch was a nice touch, by the way. I lol'd

Awesome BJ, though I was disappointed to find out the "standing BJ" was in face a "leaning BJ." May or may not have spent 5 minutes trying to find some sturdy object the exact height of my ass in my house before accepting defeat and standing awkwardly. But boy did she make up for it. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Going back to not usually caring about scenarios the timing of the insertion in doggie with the clipboard was fucking hot. I don't know how planned that was or whatever but that launched me rock hard into-->

Doggie section some of the best VR porn I've encountered. God damn that was hot. Anybody else think Jazmin has an incredibly sexy back? (Cue JT) Jesus christ that thing is awesome. Wanna cum in those muscle lines. Going from standing to kneeling doggie was nice, I enjoyed the variety (and of course always love some **spread-leg-kneeling doggie!**)

Perhaps oddly specific thing but I liked that she just rolled over into missionary without the typical VR "NOW I WANT TO FUCK YOU THIS WAY" moment before the cut. Between doggie and missionary personally I always find that sort of inorganic. A lil "I want to ride that cock" is pretty cool though.

Further mish was very good. I very much enjoyed that. The legs on this woman, my god.
Close-up mish was good. Got a lil repetitive but she is not hard to look at

I usually fast forward at some point in face-sitting or CuNniLiNgUs in general but I stuck through this one. All the ass in face stuff was hottttttt hot hot hot hot

CG was fantastic. Shouts to big man Dave for really hammering away at that thing and being all aggressively grabby. Gawd damn.

BOOOOOO under-leg RCG. Booooooooooooo. You lost some points on that one. Still decent, but imagining how much better it would be in over-leg was tough to deal with. If someone could explain why that exists perhaps I will not complain so much but you really only ever see it in VR and I do not understand it.

Back to the leaning problem but solid cum-begging and small-but-"accurate" facial. I do love a lil cum on the eye. I mean eyelids 👀

Fun little ending made me smile. Nice touch on another "don't usually stick around for this" section for me.

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