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17 min  •  2 October, 2021

It is time to get really up-close and personal, so close you can almost smell her exquisite aroma and run your fingers through her long glossy blonde hair. You join her alone in the bathroom as shes primed for perfection to provoke your erection. Blanche looks ready for bed, but neither of you seems sleepy, she glides into the bedroom in a shimmering pink number, this is a real intimate one-to-one girlfriend experience. You really are a dirty little VR peeping Tom, arent you? Now youve sneaked into the bedroom, shes putting her panties on, wow, look at her massive shapely tits, firm and full, big voluptuous tit wank bouncing babies arent they. Just look at her impeccably trimmed pussy, shes all fresh and clean for you, dressing up in a tit-hugging pink top, tight black skirt, and high heels, you can only admire those long sleek legs cant you. And via the magic of VR, you are there in the room watching her, shes the real hardon honey. Blanche knows youre there, as she slides onto the bed with a cheeky welcoming grin, youll be cumming soon alright. Shes provoking you, rubbing herself, caressing those joyous tits that are bursting with bounce, shes popping them out of her pink bra, and looking deeply at you with her hypnotic blue eyes. I bet youve popped your cock out, havent you! Blanche is just about perfect, laying out on the bed is more than enough to swell your cock head, shes smoothing her hands across that unbelievable body, slipping her long fingers across her smooth silky skin, now its really about to begin. Shes turned on by you watching her, slipping her glossy fingertips into her pink panties, pushing deep inter her trimmed pussy pubes and into her cunt lips. Shes playing with her wet excited clit. She looks right at you as she lady wanks her clit like a guitar string, strumming away, laid and legs apart showing you her cunt like a naughty girl. Youre looking into her stunning blue eyes, almost able to touch her, but not quite. Enjoy your one-on-one, shes gonna make you cum. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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