Foursome of July

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78 min  •  4 July, 2017

Uncle Sam would be proud! Celebrate 4th of July with a Foursome of July! You're hosting the hottest backyard party on the block and Emma Hix, Haley Reed and Morgan Lee are your special guests. Things start to heat up when their playful antics turn into a dazzling group sex display! Be the center of attention in this Independence Day XXX fantasy come to life. Blast your own sticky fireworks across these three patriotic cuties and make them see stars and stripes!

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Comments (66)
4 months ago
I've watched this several times and I waffle back and forth on whether it's one of the best, or if it's just not for me. I guess it depends on my mood. This last time though, I LOVED it. I had a hard time focusing though since all three are one of my types. Haley looks like a past colleague of mine who was the sweetest girl -always wondered what she was like naked and horny. Emma looks like an ex - one that ended badly but holds a permanent spot in the spank bank, and Morgan is just one of my fantasy types.

It's a dish for every occasion!
10 months ago
> @FatPapaTony Rubbing cheeseburgers & hot dogs on Morgan's ass is disgusting.

10 months ago
I don't know why I'm including this in the Haley-A-Thon. It's bad. Not the models, tho. Haley, Emma, & Morgan are goddesses. The last thing I wanna see are a couple of fat disgusting redneck motherfuckers wearing beer hats asking me about "General Lee orange", Shut the fuck up & don't talk to me. Ever! Rubbing cheeseburgers & hot dogs on Morgan's ass is disgusting. And it's only three minutes in, Only 74 more minutes to go. Help! The girls don't take turns groaning & moaning. They do it at the same time. They talk & moan over each other. It's so obnoxious & loud. Then they discover the bubble gun which they won't stop using. I get it! Bubbles, yay, move on! They even got a soap smudge on the lens at one point. Then you got Frick & Frack trying to send the girls & each other to the ER by recklessly shooting fireworks at them. Also trying to burn down the yard & the neighbors yard. Only in the last twenty minutes did things calm down when they were on the flamingo. But by that time who gives a fuck? Certainly not me. They still talked over one another to the vey end. 77 minutes that I will never get back.
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