Happy Birthday

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55 min  •  14 March, 2017

The door bell suddenly rings. You get up to answer it and you see beautiful birthday stripper, Ivy Lebelle! She's wearing just a trench coat to cover up her insanely gorgeous body. Ivy starts singing you Happy Birthday and she's just so damn adorable doing it that you don't have the heart to tell her she's got the wrong address. Why don't you let her blow out your candles anyway?

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Comments (45)
2 months ago
I just rewatched this. Seeing Ivy in VR is the whole reason I bought a headset. Can you remaster this or better yet bring Ivy back for a new scene?
4 months ago
No, I'm his brother Emilio. 🤣🤣🤣

A little different as there was no blow job or anything before we start fucking. Just a few minutes of pussy & ass eating & we're off to the races. 🥳

Amy is very beautiful 🥰 I lasted all of 15 minutes. 💦💦💦

Well, I got about 40 minutes left to look around.
I didn't notice we were on a pool table until I saw the pool cues on the wall. I actually thought, "What a weird looking bed right in the middle of the room" 😂
Is that a jukebox? Does it work? 🤨
I wonder what's so fascinating about my left eye that Ivy keeps looking at it? 🤔

I downloaded this & Ivy's Milf scene together. I only had time to watch one & skim thru the other. After going thru _Backstage Ass_ quickly, I realized that is the one I should have started with. The images are better quality & Goddamn does Ivy look great with shorter hair! 😍

I can hardly wait! 🥃🍻
10 months ago
I don't understand the low rating for this scene on POVR. This scene is why a VR headset and have rewatched it a handful of times.
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