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65 min  •  29 September, 2017

You've got an online reputation for being the man when it comes to live cam girls. You know how to treat them right and they're always happy to take a tip from you. Today, your time spent in chat rooms pays off as you meet two of your favorite performers in person! Kali Roses and Uma Jolie have a girl-on-girl show lined up and invite you to watch in the flesh. These cock-crazed cam cuties are horny as hell so you step up to fulfill your destiny by fucking them both!

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Comments (108)
4 months ago
I think when I'm on my death bed and my friends come to say farewell, I'll say "thanks. Now please strap my vr on my head for me and put on Kali and Uma."
9 months ago
Uma - Dat 3

I read what I wrote above. I still stand by Kali's kissing, but take back what I said about Uma's. Uma is pretty spot on.

This easily could have been a lesbian scene & I would have been just fine with it. Uma eating Kali's pussy & the whole time she never breaks eye contact. I dare say the prettiest eyes on this site. 🥰

31:06 Uma puts her feet on Kali's back. 59:00 Uma put her feet on my hips & chest. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Nothing much else to say, Tomorrow looks like a movie I haven't seen yet. Looks like there's one more crossover, but the rest are new. Well, new to me anyway. And you want to know the very best thing? Not a Halloween or Christmas scene in sight. YES!!!! *happy dance* 🥳🎉🎊🎈🥃🍺🍾
12 months ago
Kali - Day 2
Jeeezuz! When Kali walked to the bedroom & walked back with Uma it was sooo fucking sexy. I don't really know why I rewound that part 4 times. I mean, it wasn't sex, but something about it had my attention. Then when they went back ... Well, I rewound that a few times too. I'm in serous trouble when I can't get past the first 5 minutes without going back. "Connecting To Webcam Server Please Wait". For one second I thought something was wrong with my connection. Thanks Wankz, you punk'd me for one second. Please, pass the Dunce hat my way. 🤣 Kali & Uma are flawless. Oh, my fucking god, are they flawless!! When Uma was licking Kali's pussy I almost passed out. The same when Kali was licking Uma's pussy. Both of them looking into my eyes. That was special. My dick was harder than an unmined diamond, Around 20 minutes or so I was back into the scene. I forgot it wasn't a lesbian movie. I would have been just fine if it had been though., Alas, I came when Uma was grinding my cock in CG. That's not what I wanted. According to my list Uma is not scheduled until April, Doesn't matter though. I watched about an hour later & came when Uma was holding Kali's feet in mish. The only thing I'd change is if both performers feet were in my mouth. Goddamn, do Kali & Uma have sexy feet! And also, the kissing was a little too close on Uma's part, & way too off to the side on Kali's part. These are MINOR. I don't want to be yelled at. I giving it 5 squirts. 💦💦💦💦💦 I so excited to see what day 3 brings.

ps - If sometime in the next two weeks I don't finish the commenting on Kali's movies then you can assume, & rightfully so, I'm dead. Cheers! 🍺
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