Enjoy the next generation of teen pornstars in virtual reality at 18VR. Explore a growing selection of XXX newbies and fresh-faced cuties in 180 degrees, 3D and with immersive sound too. Enter passionate one-on-one experiences, threesomes and group scenarios. Streaming and downloadable playback available.

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18 VR Review

18VR have developed into one of the best-looking and most impressive VR porn studios out there. The content is almost always excellent, with a fine roster of the world’s most beautiful and well-known young porn actresses and the image quality is next-level. It’s a touch more expensive than most sites, but is it worth it?

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Stunning young and petite babes, with superb image quality.
The value for money of a subscription to 18VR doesn’t quite match up to some of its rivals, but the high-quality content makes this one of the very best VR porn sites out there.
As you’d expect from the name, 18VR focuses heavily on young babes, preferably slim, petite and pretty. The girls aren’t all 18 years old, and plenty of them are in their early 20s, but they all have that fresh-faced innocent look, no matter how slutty they get.
Video quality:
The video quality of 18VR’s releases is truly excellent. They’ve worked out exactly what to do to make the footage look crisp and photo-realistic, and applied that across the board.
Site features:
The site promises two new VR releases a week, but one of those is generally just behind-the-scenes footage so doesn’t really count. Other than a trial offer of one dollar for a download, there aren’t many bonus features of note, although they do have a tier where if you pay a few hundred dollars you get lifetime access to the site.

If you’re looking for a VR porn site that gives you intimate access to the most stunning young babes in porn, look no further. 18VR has every major newcomer to the scene you can think of, providing they’re young, slim and astonishingly pretty. Here’s where you can get into unforgettable hardcore action with beauties such as Kate Rich, Charlie Red and Zazie Skymm.

And if you haven’t heard of the stars, you can be guaranteed they look like 18-year-olds - petite and fresh-faced - even if they’re in their twenties. Sure, there are some bigger girls, such as the busty stunner Sofia Lee or the jaw-dropping Lucy Li, but the vast majority look like innocent college graduates, even if they’re playing out their sluttiest fantasies for you in virtual reality.

You can expect the girls to be completely shaved and have natural small tits, in the main, so if that’s what you’re into, you’re going to be spoilt for choice here. There are a few Latina babes in there, and the occasional ebony hottie, but in the main, it’s American or European white women, often brunettes, but with enough blondes and redheads to keep everyone happy.

The videos are usually around 30 minutes in length, and there isn’t much in the way of plot or varied setting. A few might be set somewhere like an indoor swimming pool or a gym, but in the main it’s a basic living room or bedroom setting, usually taking advantage of daytime lighting. And this might be why 18VR’s scene look quite so great. They’re part of the same network as BadoinkVR, VRCosplayX and BabeVR but their videos almost always look better than all those.

There’s a European feel to most of these scenes, with very little dialogue, probably because they’re produced by and featuring non-native English speakers in the main. This doesn’t matter too much in the end. After all, if you’re pounding one of the most beautiful girls you’ve ever seen, you’re not going to complain about what she is or isn’t saying.

And the action in 18VR’s videos is wilder than you might expect. There are plenty of threesomes and group sex scene, plus a lot more anal action than you might find at some of the other bigger mainstream studios. Considering how young and innocent most of these girls look, it’s impressive that they’ve agreed to star in such hardcore ass-fucking scenes in VR. Honey, You're Fired starring Czech babe Scyley Jam is an amazing example of just how impressive 18VR can film an anal scene.

There’s plenty of rough action too, with beauties such as Rebecca Volpetti slapped and choked on camera, making for really memorable and intense experiences. They push boundaries much further than the likes of WankzVR, and while it isn’t as extreme as KinkVR or other niche sites, it’s certainly on the harder end of what you’d expect from VR porn.

There’s plenty of content to get through, with hundreds of excellent scenes spanning years of filming hardcore VR action. And even the early scenes are worth checking out as 18VR have always held up high production values, from the very start. Check out Wild Thoughts starring Anna Swix from 2017, for example. This long-haired redhead girl is supermodel beautiful, with tiny tits to match, and it’s a mind-blowing experience to have her bouncing on your virtual cock.

But the recent scenes are even better, with crystal clear visuals and awesome performances from the likes of established porn superstars such as Lady Bug and Veronica Leal. When it comes to the technical side of VR, and featuring the best petite young models, 18VR is up there with the very best.

At first, 18VR were just one of many euro-centric porn studios, with decent production values and hot women, but nothing to make it stand out from the crowd. Now, after years of honing their craft, they’ve carved out a niche as one of the very best places to go for virtual sex with drop-dead gorgeous petite girls. They don’t have much in the way of plot or setting, which could affect immersion for some viewers, but if you just want to fuck awesome babes then you won’t be disappointed. Even better, they push boundaries beyond that of many mainstream VR studios, with plenty of anal and group sex scenes, plus a good amount of rough activity such as choking and slapping, without ever stepping into hardcore BDSM territory. If anything, they’re priced a little higher than most, considering they only post one proper new scene a week, but it’s odds on that the scene will be excellent so it might be worth paying a little extra for guaranteed quality content.

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