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About Us

What is POVR?

Welcome to POVR, your source for the hottest and most immersive VR entertainment. As the Netflix of VR, we boast an unrivaled library of over 10,000 VR video titles gathered from nearly 100 of the world's leading adult VR studios. You'll find premium curated virtual reality porn videos and engaging VR originals too. As a leading force in the VR porn industry, we relentlessly push the boundaries of the digital world, spatial entertainment and more. We strive to make the impossible, possible while delivering an expanding library of adult VR content at a competitive value. Premium members at POVR get the biggest bang for their buck and one of the hottest deals in adult VR.

Use your VR headset or Smartphone to enjoy immersive VR at up to 8K video quality at 60FPS and add to your immersive with select interactive VR videos too. Reliable streaming and download options are fully compatible with leading headsets like the Quest 2, HP Reverb G2, Valve Index, PSVR and many more. Unlock the full magic of POVR with a headset that is right for you.

Go Premium at POVR!

Premium subscribers get access to over 10,000 VR porn videos with more than 300 new titles available every month. You'll have unrestricted access to the highly-popular POVR Originals collection and get full WankzVR and MILF VR videos the moment they release to the public. Enjoy a diverse selection of content from top VR studios like RealJam, Virtual Real Porn, VR Hush, Swallowbay and dozens more. Support your favorite VR studios and have thousands of top virtual pornstars at your fingertips.

Learn, share and grow with us in the POVR Member Forums. Our active community is one of the best sources for information on new VR porn releases, emerging trends in virtual reality, VR headsets, and much more. With over 250 000 active members, the POVR community continues to grow and inform. Create VR playlists and create your own custom streaming experience in virtual reality. At POVR, you'll have the tools to make each trip into VR your own.

Content Creators and VR Studios alike are invited to visit POVR Partners to earn more from their VR content and to become part of the POVR Network.

Meet the Team at POVR:

Our dynamic and dedicated team is composed of passionate professionals, technologists, engineers, innovators and creative gurus. In each case, we all share a collective vision; to revolutionize the way you experience adult entertainment.

Darrell Roseberg

Meet Darrell Roseberg, a seasoned veteran in the world of e-commerce with a knack for content creation and curation. A founding member of the POVR network and Managing Director for POVR Originals, Darrell oversees content acquisition and production. As Chief Creative Officer Darrell takes pride in fostering relationships with content creators and ushering content from mere concepts to full-fledged immersive experiences. The Canadian's love for VR content is not just business - it's a passion that defines his role in the rapidly evolving VR industry. An early adopter of VR, Darrell has also produced video reviews and more on all things virtual reality under the FALSEDOGS Brand. Follow Darrell on Twitter @falsedogs or email him at darrell.roseberg@povr.com.

Trevor LeRue

Trevor LeRue isn't your typical technologist. He's a maverick, a visionary, a mad scientist if you will, relentlessly pushing the envelope of what's possible in the realms of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (XR). Foregoing conventional career paths, Trevor took a leap of faith into the emerging world of immersive technologies, diving headfirst into uncharted territories. Email Trevor at trevor.lerue@povr.com

Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes plays a critical role at POVR and is dedicated to quality assurance and expert user support. Drawing from an extensive background in content management and client support, Dan continues to assist members and make the POVR a brighter place. Dan oversees all customer support matters and has his finger on the pulse of our community. By staying engaged with users on a daily basis, Dan is often the first to detect and address concerns within our community. Email Dan at dan.holmes@povr.com

Timothée Kimble

Timothée Kimble is originally from France but grew up in Ontario, Canada. He is a master of precision with an incredible attention to detail. By utilizing cutting-edge tools and editing standards, he finalizes the VR videos and adds his own style with engaging visual and audio effects. He works diligently to ensure that all visuals meet the highest standards of quality to produce an immersive experience that truly transports the user into the heart of the action. Timothée is at the heart of our production process and is active within the POVR community. Email Timothée at timothee.kimble@povr.com

Luke Mateus

Originally from Portugal, Luke is an expert in video rendering, known for his ability to optimize VR footage for maximum performance across all devices. He has worked to improve and perfect our workflow to keep up with our release schedule. As our dedicated Video Engineer Luke has leveraged his deep understanding of VR hardware and software, with established production standards to maintain POVR's content vision. He helps provide seamless and fluid experiences, regardless of the viewing platform and works closely with Timothée to produce content that exceeds user expectations. Email Luke at luke.mateus@povr.com

Ben Wang

Last but certainly not least, Ben Wang brings his expertise from China to the team, focusing on the processing aspects of VR content. Ben's knowledge of various video codecs and compression techniques is invaluable, enabling the delivery of high-quality VR experiences even over limited bandwidth. On a daily basis, the team depends on Ben's deep knowledge of our content and libraries to maintain real cohesion and he works to maintain and grow brand voice. Working alongside Luke and Timothée, Ben confronts the complexities of VR post-production, delivering unparalleled virtual experiences to the POVR community. Email Ben at ben.wang@povr.com

We're not just a team, we're a community of visionaries that is dedicated to breaking the mold and redefining the limits of adult VR. Our aspiration is to blend innovation with creativity, breathing life into dreams, and reshaping the virtual reality landscape. At POVR, we transform adult entertainment from a passive experience to immersive and interactive pleasure. Our commitment to innovation enables us to leverage cutting-edge technologies and pioneering practices, resulting in the best VR porn that captivates our users and keeps them coming back for more.

Welcome to the future of adult entertainment.
Welcome to POVR.