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Timothee Kimble

As Lead Video Editor, Timothée is the keeper of our release schedule and is responsible for coordinating with the editing team to meet and exceed POVR's lofty expectations. Drawing upon more than 13 years of experience with adult content, Timothée made the transition to virtual reality content with ease. An accomplished professional, Timothée not only applies established standards to his work, but he has defined some of these same standards utilized by a range of VR studios.

He has helped establish our own proprietary workflow and processes that result in some of the most immersive and engaging experiences available in the space. By blending sophisticated spatial audio and vivid visual effects, Timothée has helped set the POVR Originals head and shoulders above the competition. He maintains open communication with VR producers and has established guidelines for on-set VR production that are simply unmatched in our industry. Working in tandem with Luke, the POVR Video Engineer, Timothée continues to set new standards to evolve our process further.

With a finger on the pulse of our VR community, Timothée stays connected with end users to impact scheduling, new experiences and more. As the world of adult virtual reality and mixed reality grows, no question will Timothée be a big part of it. Email Timothée at timothee.kimble@povr.com

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