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Luke Mateus

Coming from a background in broadcasting, Luke has brought his extensive understanding of the medium to the POVR team. Working with adult VR content since early 2017, Luke has established himself as a critical part of the team. By blending technical expertise with creative talent, Luke continues to optimize production workflows and has established standards for remastered content and much more.

A true world-traveler and online professional, Luke has evolved his skills from his early days growing up in Lisbon to become an influential force in our space. Luke has a love for all things VR and is often the first on the team to demo and share new hardware and technology. Always on the hunt for new tools and applications, Luke is a valuable resource for other members of the video editing team and the production lead as well.

Working alongside Trevor, Luke brings his understanding of VR video to optimize our video streaming options and much more. Luke adds a creative flare to the team and often injects his own sense of style with immersive audio effects and more. By working closely with Timothée, Luke has not only helps establish guidelines for on-set producers but he continues to surprise and delight viewers with clean edits, and an understanding of how the content is being viewed. Luke is a pop culture guru and self-described gamer. He has often assists the Chief Creative Officer with exclusive productions that draw upon emerging trends and the feeling of nostalgia too. Email Luke at luke.mateus@povr.com

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