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Darrell Roseberg

Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Darrell's introduction to e-commerce came early and in the burgeoning days of the internet. His natural talent for understanding the pulse of digital markets quickly led him to become a key player in various e-commerce enterprises, where he excelled in developing robust strategies to drive business growth.

Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle of the e-commerce world, Darrell found a unique passion: content creation. This interest soon developed into a love for nurturing content from conception to the final product. He saw the potential for truly immersive storytelling within the emerging field of virtual reality and was an integral part in the creation and development of the POVR network.

As Chief Creative Officer, Darrell has been a big part of the POVR network since launch. At POVR, Darrell oversees the vast library of VR titles and is consistently working with VR studios worldwide to bring top-quality immersive experiences to the platform. His role is instrumental in maintaining POVR's status as a leading VR entertainment platform, renowned for its expansive and diverse content library.

Under Darrell's leadership, the content production team at POVR works hand-in-hand with content creators, guiding and assisting them through every step of the content creation process. His expertise and dedication have helped transform budding ideas into engaging VR experiences that have captivated users worldwide.

Today, Darrell continues to pursue his passion for content creation, always on the lookout for exciting new ideas and creators in the VR space. His vision and leadership have not only led to the creation of a thriving content ecosystem at POVR but have also nurtured a space for content creators to truly express their creative potential in the realm of VR.

Darrell is eagerly embracing the opportunities that lie ahead in the evolving VR content space. His unwavering commitment to excellence in content creation continues to guide POVR's journey into the future of immersive entertainment. With a love of all things virtual reality, Darrell continues to be at the cutting-edge of new VR tech and production standards. Follow Darrell on Twitter @falsedogs or email him at darrell.roseberg@povr.com

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