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Dan Holmes

By drawing upon an extensive career of supporting online communities and subscription-based websites, Dan coordinates and oversees the POVR support department. For over a decade Dan has worked closely with online brands to improve user retention, reduce chargebacks and maintain unparalleled customer support. With a deep understanding of the POVR network, Dan enables users to view content seamlessly and works to resolve potential issues as they occur.

As a big part of the quality assurance team, Dan is often the first person to review and test submitted content from approved POVR partners. An expert in adult content across multiple categories, Dan possesses in-depth knowledge of content standards across the adult industry. Dan's passion for following these standards helps preserve the POVR brand.

By blending account management skills and keeping a close eye on submitted content, Dan preserves industry content standards and helps coordinate solutions with other key team members. Working closely with Trevor and Darrell, Dan keeps the team informed of emerging trends and concerns within the community. Email Dan at dan.holmes@povr.com

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