Alex Coal

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  • Birthday:
    5 June 1991
  • Birth place:
  • Height:
    5'3" (160cm)

The sensational Alex Coal is a self-described big booty bitch and Zombie Horde Mother with a love for all things naughty and alternative. She started her XXX career in 2015 and since her debut, this dark haired cutie has gained fans from all over the world. You probably recognize her from some of your favorite interracial and facial hardcore scenes. Standing in at 5-foot-3, Alex's fit body, round booty and fantastic tits will have you begging for more.

21 Videos
Roll Coal
The Best Delivery I Ever Made
Hindsight is 2020
VR Conk Christmas Vacation
The Best Delivery I Ever Made!
Alex Coal : Is My Outfit Too Revealing?
Yoga Workout

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