Alexis Fawx

  • 367kviews
  • Birthday:
    23 June 1975
  • Birth place:
    Pennsylvania, USA
  • Height:
    5'4" (163cm)

Alexis Fawx is the sexy MILF porn goddess who's been entertaining XXX lovers for years. This busty blonde bombshell redefines the term superstar with a fabulous array of hardcore skills and some impressive acting abilities too. Alexis is always incredibly professional and it shows in each of her wildly popular productions. Alexis is originally from Pennsylvania and she's been delighting fans since her 2010 hardcore debut. She's appeared in some of your favorite lesbian, oral sex and MILF sex scenes and has been nominated for many awards including Best Supporting Actress, Best Actress and Most Magnificent MILF.

13 Videos
Fucking the Fawx
Bone Us Scene
Too Much Cumfidence
Threesome Therapy
New Years Treats

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