Alyssa Lynn

  • 137kviews
  • Birthday:
    30 April 1980
  • Birth place:
    Pennsylvania, United States
  • Height:
    5'3" (160cm)

Alyssa Lynn has been a fan favorite in the adult industry since she started in 2013. This big titty cutie is originally from Pennsylvania, USA and has since been featured in numerous XXX titles that make use of her curves and insatiable appetites. Her mixed Italian and Irish heritage gives her a distinctive look and style. You may recognize Alyssa's work from notable MILF, interracial and big tit themed titles. She'll change her hair color and look to stay fresh and is a dream to work with onset. Alyssa is an alt MILF diva with a real edge. Enjoy her in jaw-dropping virtual reality today.


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