Anastasia Knight

  • 222 Ranked
  • 295kviews
  • Birthday:
    24 September 1999
  • Birth place:
    Massachusetts, USA
  • Height:
    5'4" (163cm)

Slender blonde cutie Anastasia Knight is the ultimate teen pornstar! This eager East Coast girl has been turning heads for months and one look from those big, beautiful eyes will have you hooked. She started her XXX career in 2017 and in the relatively short time she's been in the adult industry, Anastasia as starred in some sensational hardcore scenes. You probably remember this sexy little ray of sunshine from recent blowjob and facial videos and now you can experience her in virtual reality!

Step Daddy’s Day
Switch Sitter
Pinball Wizard
Breaking Daddy's Rules
The Tutor's Fucktoy!
Hanky Panties Petite Blonde

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