Angela White

  • 183 Ranked
  • 64.9kviews
  • Birthday:
    4 March 1985
  • Birth place:
    Sydney, Australia
  • Height:
    5'2" (157cm)

Angela White has taken the XXX world by storm. This Australian beauty blends sensual performances with her ample assets to give fans something special. Her magnificent tits measure in at 32GG and Angela knows how to use them! She started her XXX career in 2013 and in that time she has been honored with an impressive array of awards that include Best Oral Sex Scene in 2016, Most Voluptuous Vixen and Foreign Female Performer of the Year. Angela grew up in the Sydney area but she's come a long way in her sexy journey and today she has become one of the most sought-after performers in our industry. Her long dark hair, bright blue eyes and amazing smile will have you begging for more. Angela is more than happy to give you every inch! Let this busty goddess go down under on you in premium virtual reality!

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2 Broke Girls A XXX Parody
Borderlands Mad Moxxi A XXX Parody
Down Mammary Lane
Keeping Promises
CryptoCUMency Deal
Laid Off

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