Son of a Gunn

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3 min  •  17 October, 2016

Well, Mr. Gunn, its that time of the year again - parent-teacher conferences. Your son hasnt been doing great, in fact, hes failing. Maybe if the lazy little prick would put down the video games, hed actually have a shot at getting into college. Anyway, his teacher, Ms. Rossi, isnt impressed, and she wants you to pick up the pieces because apparently, thats your responsibility as Daddy. As it turns out, Ms. Rossi does have the power to bump up your kids grades, but youll have to put in some work. Yes, Brett demands that you give her pussy a good seeing-to. Go ahead and become the teacher's pet for a day, we promise youll enjoy it. And from now on, let your kid play as many video games as he likes. He might not get into college, but youll be gettin' the sweetest pussy in the school district.

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