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5KWhen The Missus Is Missing

3 min  •  19 May, 2015

When you hire a babysitter, you look for three things: Attention to detail, organization, and smokin' hot body. Thats why youve enlisted the help of Alecia Fox. She does a mean job of cleaning, she always puts the kid to bed on time, and she does it all while flaunting her perfect petite body right in front of your eyes. Today, your wife is at one of those hot yoga classes with her work friend, Mark and youre not feeling particularly faithful today. So when Alecia Fox proposes a little rumpy-pumpy, you cant turn her down. This sexy teen sitter is ready to suck and fuck. Youve got about 45 minutes on the clock, so rock out with your cock out and get inside this foxy little blonde.

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