Casey Calvert

  • 236kviews
  • Birthday:
    11 March 1990
  • Birth place:
  • Height:
    5'3" (160cm)

This ravishing brunette wasn't always so comfortable in her own skin. Growing up in Gainesville, Florida, Casey was the shy tomboy-type, always playing sports and shockingly didn't lose her virginity until she was 21. She graduated from the University of Florida with highest honors and a degree in Film and was also a Collegiate National Champion in Rock Climbing. She started dabbling in porn during her junior year of college, experimenting with fetish and nude art modeling. Through this experience, Casey discovered she was a bonafide exhibitionist who got off on turning people on, so she made the jump to shooting her first porn scene and the rest is history! Welcome to Casey Calvert's first virtual reality porn!

10 Videos
Hot Coffee
First Class Treatment
Parting Gift
Bakery Bang
The Royal Treatment Obedient Subject
Happy ButtDay Anal Surprise
Till Cum Do Us Part

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