Dahlia Sky

  • 548kviews
  • Birthday:
    10 August 1989
  • Birth place:
    California, USA
  • Height:
    5'6" (168cm)

If you don't know who Dahlia Sky is, you've been living under a very unsexy rock. This infamous XXX diva is known for being vibrant, exotic and for leaving male talent and fans breathless. This athletic blonde bombshell started her XXX career 2011 and since then she's starred in a variety of porn titles, XXX parody videos and HD scenes in multiple categories. You may recognize Dahlia's fine work in your favorite lesbian, anal sex and interracial scenes. Dahlia has been nominated for countless AVN and Inked awards and other performers absolutely love working with her. She's appeared in HD Wankz content in the past but now you can enjoy Dahlia Sky in mind-blowing virtual reality too.

Dahlia's One-Night Stand
Threesome Therapy

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