Dani Jensen

  • 259kviews
  • Birthday:
    26 December 1987
  • Birth place:
    Ontario, California, United States
  • Height:
    5'1" (154.9cm)

This California native has an unforgettable look and has been a household name in the adult industry since 2008. Dani Jensen started out as an exotic dancer then moved into adult film shortly after. Dani has successfully bridged the gap into MILF content and is a breath of fresh air for any content producer out there. Her sultry gaze and red hair make this ginger cougar stick out in a crowd. Dani is a Capricorn and is commonly featured in sizzling lesbian and hardcore sex scenes. Enjoy her in full virtual reality now!

16 Videos
Fruits of your Labor
When MILFs Hand You Lemons
Scooby Doo A XXX Parody
XMen Phoenix A XXX Parody
Redhead Star Sex with Dani Jensen
Scooby Doo A XXX Parody Fun Threesome
Redhead Star
Driving Her Nuts

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