Katie Morgan

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  • 41.7kviews
  • Birthday:
    17 March 1980
  • Birth place:
    California, USA
  • Height:
    5'5" (165cm)

AVN Hall of Fame Inductee Katie Morgan has made her mark on the adult industry. She is known not only for her smoking hot body and hardcore skills but her it's often hard to rival her on screen performances. She's originally from Los Angeles California and began her XXX career in 2001. Since then, Katie has successfully transitioned into different content categories and is now one of the most sought-after MILF pornstars in the industry. Katie has been nominated for several industry awards and you probably remember her from a wide range of hardcore scenes and parody titles. Experience this porn goddess in VR today.

7 Videos
Saved by the Balls
Sponge Bath
Let's Celebrate My New Job!
The Cable Guy

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