A Marlowe Down Dirty Shame

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45 min  •  15 September, 2022

It's a Marlowe down dirty shame that you let this place get to be such a mess! Eve Marlowe is sick and tired of cleaning up for a total slob like you and today she will give you a real ear full. Eve is going to take her frustrations out on you and your stiff dick too! Give Eve a break by giving her your thick dick and this babe won't take no for an answer. The house cleaning can wait because this busty cutie is gonna' clean your cock instead! Slide deep into Eve and make an all new sticky mess all over her. Oooops!

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Comments (12)
3 weeks ago
Back here to give Eve another go. This was one of the better Milfvr scenes of the year. Forgot how loud Eve gets at times, had to turn down the volume on the headset, seems like she's howling at the moon when she gets worked up, lol. Well done to Gusto here too, seems he gets great performances out of the ladies.
2 months ago
Wow! Eve is absolutely breathtaking!
I could stare into those eyes for days!😍
3 months ago
God damn what an awesome scene. I knew she would be amazing in a 1on1 VR setting but what a goddamn monster. Sure I've been fiending after lord knows how long without VR but holy shit

Honestly? Thoroughly enjoyed the intro. I say again I'd typically rather skip the scenario but this was an interesting one. And as has been said, god damn she put on a good performance of that. Frankly bad acting is one of the reasons I dislike scenarios and she did a solid job and I rather enjoyed her going from angry to horny to quite literally ripping my pants off and shoving my cock in her mouth. That was pretty great. Personally think that was the perfect amount of time to get into the good stuff

BJ section was fantastic. Love the starting in full standing with her on her knees with pleeenty of eye contact and face fuckery, then switching to bent over kneeling BJ was hooooly shit. The way she rocked back and forth damn near got me super early

Doggie some of my favorite doggie ever. Like that the lingerie lasted for it, she looked awesome in that red. Enjoyed the build-up to some harder faster fucking and as usual must proclaim GOD BLESS SPREAD LEG DOGGIE. God DAMN. Solid amount of spanking. ^(Never enough)

Close-up mish was also solid. Personally would've liked to see her take off the bra at least but oh well. Dare say going from pretty hard fucking in doggie to starting all over again at slowest in mish kinda took me out of it but when it got going it got going. Really would've liked kissing this lovely lady a number of times throughout. Far-out mish was great but also maybe a lil too long (or maybe I'm too out of shape). God that body is rockin though

Lay-down section was great because of Eve but at least for me on PSVR the camera was waaay too far in. I didn't mind it for the BJ and RCG section too much (put that shit in my face) but in reg CG I felt like I had a dick on my stomach and had to zoom out all the way (which warps the view slightly) and sorta had to deal. But I'm in love with this woman and her performance was so great it only mattered so much

Cum on stomach is not my favorite tag (lol) but with Eve's rocking body I was actually looking forward to blasting all over her. But lo and behold: lay-down cum on stomach, eh? That's new. I think. I saw in my pre-viewing that it wasn't a total wash but I was still skeptical. Managed to get a solid amount on there and I did enjoy seeing it slide down her rocking body with gravity but there was a couple big ol globs I think she deserved on her and not on me.

Cute ending. I appreciate that the scenario wasn't like explicitly brought up throughout the scene but was sort of sprinkled in every once in a while. I get more into them when they aren't thrown in your face every five seconds I guess.

And, yeah, I like being told what to do and being bossed around even if it's subtly like "yeah you're gonna give it to me" type of way

TL;DR God damn I love Eve Marlowe and her rocking bod and I need her back IMMEDIATELY please
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