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Taylor-Made Affair
Happy Mother's Lay
Star Attraction
Titty Time
MILF: My Insane Lingerie Fetish
Hard At Work
My First American Cock
Texas Porn Tycoon
Comments (15)
@acjackson2431 A more apropos tag would be "Valzod was right, again".
The most engaged studio on another network/site is doing what I suggested 3 years ago with visuals, glam, and outfits.
Judging by volume of comments and likes, seems popular. :)
People are always going to doubt from the sidelines, like they did before our social media campaign helped super Pawg Gia Paige return to VR.

Just Disney /Star Wars and Warner Brothers-DC Comics debacles, "some", not all or most directors (even at NA) believe they know what fans want, more than the actual fans. Like I said, it is what it is.😎
> @Staff_Trevor parasocial

I googled the term. And read some articles when I should have been working today. Very interesting. This forum is educational on multiple levels.


Awww! That's not nice.
I'm sure a 'Fuck Valzod' tag is being added to the site soon.
@Staff_Trevor "seems". It is what it is.

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