No Cuntry For Cuckold Men

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43 min  •  10 March, 2022

You are the biggest, thickest, and baddest bull in the West and Vanessa Cage is gonna' head your dick off at the pass! Discover how the breast was won in an action-packed shootout for Vanessa because this pussy ain't big enough for the both of us! Your aim is true and your quickdraw skills are the only thing quick about you! Take Vanessa inside and let this big tit cowgirl go for a wild ride on your cock. Will you give her the dick she needs before the stagecoach arrives or has the bounty on this sweet MILF pussy been staged?

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Comments (19)
9 months ago
One thing I've noticed with povr milf and wankz during cg rcg is with out touching any tilt settings or recentering I can look down or look down and do Lil ab crunch I can see penetration...

This scene was at a great position during cg rcg 👍

Now compare laying cg rcg to...say badoinkvr during their cg rcg with out messing with any tilt settings I can't see shit, it's like they have their cam to high or something which then i have to adjust the tilt...

A really great cg rcg, omg take a look at
"Sugar Cookies" man 👌🔥

But over all the laying cg rcg around here has been great 👍...keep up the great work 🥂😉

9 months ago
Wow. I practically started drooling when she walked on camera after first moving indoors. So hot!
9 months ago
Simply stated, one of my favorite MILFVR scenes of all time.

I've been after a Western themed cosplay style of scene for a long time and this one delivered in every way! I've always been a fan of the old Western shows and movies.

Vanessa looked incredible both in and out of costume! What a smoking hot outfit. What a woman! Love them boots! The costumes for the guys were very well done also. I liked at the beginning when Vanessa commented on my outfit and I looked down and it was an all black shirt like "Paladin" from the old west show "Have Gun Will Travel".

The intro was fun and Vanessa's cowgirl and Western comments kept the theme going throughout the entire scene.
"Rio Grande" , "Longhorn" etc.😆

Definite nice touch putting the hat back on for the doggy and finish! When she says something about her husband I thought the guy was going to come in and shoot me! Then I remembered the title.

I heard that comment at the end about Vanessa doing the cosplay thing again except "space" related. Yes please! It can be called "Cuck Rogers" something something.

Awesome, Worthy of a salute from "The Duke".


Off topic: That painting of two goats crossing the road was very odd yet somehow I really like it. There's a joke there I'm sure.
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