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Comments (11)
Very disappointed no close missionary
Really good vid. Astrid is AMAZE!!! Luv the finish/money shot!! Well done.: I Do miss the up-close miss. Please bring that staple back. Doggy was also at kinda of a weird angle. Like too close. Couldn't really enjoy the bubble B. view of her. Need a little more distance on that, kinda higher up/little farther away . Still great job!!
No closeup! Closeup missionary less and less almost every new video. Some of us enjoy the intimacy closeup missionary provides, but if you're just not gonna try to do it any longer, just gonna cancel my membership then.
This is it! Follow this formula ertime with the rig positioning and we are good to go 🔥👍🥂

Scene looked great!
Decent scene.

Astrid is pretty. As another member mentioned, she does look a little like Kiara Cole. 😀

I thought she gave a good performance.

Cowgirl with Chad as the stuntcock looked a lot better. No Recline-O-Vision! 😉

The camera is still a little higher than I would personally like, but I can see you guys did make a concerted effort to try and position the camera more like you guys used to. I see the wedge pillow is gone. Although, I’m guessing there’s still some sort of small pillow being used under Chad’s neck.

Is it as good as cowgirl of the past. No. But much better than recent scenes with Chad. I can see you guys are trying to find a solution that works for Chad, as well as the viewers. And, I for one, appreciate the effort.

I did like the tilt on the camera during the cowgirl. I think this angle allows the girl to lean in and look down at you without getting the top of her head cut off. Although Astrid didn’t really make use of it in this particular scene. But I do think you should use this tilt more often.

I also liked the camera distance for the Standing BJ finish. Much more accurate vs. the distance used during the intro/standing BJ segment. I understand you have to have the camera higher during the intro. Otherwise Astrid would appear higher than the camera when she’s standing. But it does make the standing BJ right after the intro look a little too far away.

Personally I would prefer a cut. And a camera repositioning when going from the intro to the opening standing BJ. But I understand that’s more work.

I also enjoyed the CIM finish.

Overall, a solid scene. Much improved cowgirl (although not perfect).

Thumbs up from me!

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