The Screwy Decimal System

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54 min  •  1 September, 2022

SHHHHHH! Don't you know the Screwy Decimal System? Consult your local library when YOU want to get off! Sexy librarians Ophelia Kaan and Jackie Hoff take late fees very seriously and when you bring in a return, you've got some serious explaining to do. Ophelia runs a tight ship and when you can't pay your fees, she knows just what to do. Ophelia drops to her knees to suck on your thick collegiate cock as Jackie catches you both in the act. This busty cutie will learn how this library really runs and join in for a wild threesome between the rows of books! Fuck Jackie and Ophelia and show them what a big, thick bookworm can do for them!

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Comments (11)
3 months ago
This was pretty cool. I liked it.
3 months ago
I really enjoyed this vid. MilfVR has not had a MFF scene since January so we were overdue, and this one did not disappoint. Jackie Hoff was the highlight for me with those incredible natural tits. The use of the step stool was inventive and fun. Good angles for the most part with some quality interaction between the women and some great close-up shots. The finale with Hoff riding cowgirl was what I was waiting for, and it was all I had hoped. A bouncing glory to behold!

The setting and set-up was good, but I feel that if the scene was just pushed a bit to the next level it could be great. It is just missing the small intangibles.

A few thoughts: All the shushing a was bit too much for me and becomes distracting after a while. If we mixed this up a bit with some unexpected twists it can make scenes like this much more interesting. Maybe Mrs. Ophelia has a special book on the top shelf that is hollowed out that has a hidden vibrator, dildo or buttplug in it, that needs to be retrieved and used. Maybe there is shorter bookcase prop that is setup near by that accidentally gets knocked over in between a position change and there are 3-4 library patrons that are stunned as to was happening and walk off, maybe one of them throws back a loud shush! What are the two dudes walking around looking for, ...when you find out near the end of the vid is the reveal as to why they are at the library a bit shocking or funny? Maybe one of the dudes is the Mrs. Ophelia's son and he catches her in the act at the end of the scene. "Dad is going to be so damn pissed when he finds out you have been fucking at the library again, you know what happened last time, he refused to eat your tuna casserole for two weeks straight." Sometimes the more outrageous the better! You do not need to add too much more expense-wise. Like a B-movie.
3 months ago
> @dlstalker My breathing was louder so I didn't hear Damon's breathing. 🤪

The only right answer. I haven't watched this specific scene to know how bad it is, but breathing never really bothers me, cause if he's going rough, so am I 🤪
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