Une Mesure Disciplinaire

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50 min  •  18 May, 2017

A day of working in the office warehouse normally leaves you sweaty and tired but today your MILF-tastic boss, Savana will push you to your limit. She just discovered that you've sent a dick pic to another employee and as your boss she demands that all correspondence goes to her first! This is your opportunity to work under Savana Styles in a brand new way! Let your busty, red-headed supervisor ride and grind on your hard cock in VR!

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Comments (32)
10 months ago
Postponed from Dec. 26, 2021
I didn't understand some of what Savana was saying. "This is a report for _halldiggers?_ that you are harassing". I swear I must have payed it back ten times & all I hear are _halldiggers_. If you know what she actually said then please tell me. I've had a female boss & she never acted this way. If I ever showed any co-worker a dick pic I would have been yelled at & fired. Not fucking the boss. Obviously I like this scenario better. 🤣 Savanah is hot & I like that her bush is dyed the same color as her hair. I liked that it was shown throughout the scene. Not like "Homeroom At Home" with Winter Jade. There Winter had a purple bush & was shown less than 10 minutes of the scene. When Savana commands me to eat her pussy, & shows off that big clit I am putty in her hands. One of these days I'm gonna have to film myself with headset on licking wildly into the air. I bet I look like a total buffoon. 🤣 First thirty minutes are good with the usual dick sucking, CG, RCG. Then she gets on the ground & I lose interest in a hurry. Up 'til now I was able to ignore that I was in a warehouse. But that's when we were fucking seated. On the floor? No deal! I know it's not real, but I refuse to fuck on a warehouse floor in VR or IRL. I went back to a CG part & sped up so I could come. That said, this warehouse is lot cleaner than the one in "Zombie Slayers: Origins". I still have nightmares from that rat hole. So, first 30 minutes are solid. 💦💦💦 Last 18 minutes are frightening. 😱
3 years ago
Please REMASER this one.
4 years ago
Okay, I think it's fixed! My PSVR high download looks correct.

Can anyone else see any issues anymore?
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