Nina Elle

  • 704kviews
  • Birthday:
    28 April 1980
  • Birth place:
    Ludwigshafen, Germany
  • Height:
    5'5" (165cm)

The incredibly busty and sensual Nina Elle is a notable personality in the adult industry. Her unmistakable look has made her one of the most desired pornstars in the biz. Nina started out in the adult industry in late 2013. After a short time as a live webcam model, Nina Elle moved to hardcore XXX scenes. Since then, she's been featured in some of the most popular lesbian and interracial scenes available. You may also recognize Nina's superb skills in your favorite blowjob scenes. She has a love for missionary position but is open to all kinds of fun. Nina was born in Germany, but moved to the US at a very young age. Nina is married to a tattoo artist and has some impressive ink herself.

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