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Comments (7)
@dlstalker Ah! Okay, makes sense. The gist of that, basically - POVR in general have the way of titling, as you layed out. However on our site, the titles are more "describing" if it makes sense, for a long time. And the import from our site to here happened 1:1 :)
Nice scene but the pink neon light is really kind of distracting. I prefer more natural color settings. It would be cool if you could turn that down a bit... ;)
Haley Reed's Porn Scene featuring Haley Reed as porn starlet Haley Reed.
@dlstalker Lol. The poor grammar somehow makes me read it with a question mark at the end just like Ron Burgundy saying "I'm Ron Burgundy?"
Hi! A pleasure to hear from you!
I think it sounds more like a sentence for the scene description than a scene title.
In other words, "The Juices of Haley Reed" would be a better title. Take away the shirt part, that's all.
Later on, in the scene description, you could mention that Haley Reed got so wet that it got on your shirt. But that shirt part in the title itself, along with the word "did", somehow throws off the central theme.
I'm looking forward to watching this scene later!

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