Two Dicks For Dinner

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22 min  •  7 January, 2022

Arteya needs two dicks for dinner to be totally satisfied! Enter this FMM threesome now.

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2 weeks ago
I took many more screenshots than is typical, but this is probably an experience for advanced users. There is a lot of head movement due to having the vr camera mounted to the actor's heads. For some people, this could be extremely problematic. But having VR'd since 2016, it takes a lot to turn my stomach.

In spite of the excessive camera movement and lower resolution, for me at least the video succeeds on several fronts which I will explain.

The actors all did a great job. Arteya is beautiful and her performance feels natural, relaxed, and honest. PerVRt has featured some beautiful women and she is certainly one. The stunt cocks both were nicely hung and gave good performances as well, but Including another guy for an mmf video is problematic for some judging by past comments on the category. Still, I really liked the extra guy in this one. He was well hung and expressive in his performance which added favorably to the emotional energy and chemistry of the scene.

Actions. Because it was mmf, and the camera was head mounted (not optimal for comfortable viewing), we got a more realistic angle which added greatly to the scenes. Unfortunately in some sequences, there was just too much movement, so that's when I would hit the pause and skip forward, and why I took so many vr screenshots. There really were some great vr screenshot moments.

In fact, having first skimmed through the 2d video I knew exactly what I was getting into and took it to be a VR screenshot safari. Accepting it on that basis, I was really happy with some of the screenshots I was able to add to my VR fap library.

The director really has a good feel for the action and what is sexy and hot. He features a lot of gorgeous women, is nicely hung, and captures some great action. It can not be easy wearing so many hats. Awhile back, I watched an interview he featured where he critiqued his own work. I think he is a very thoughtful, intelligent, interesting fellow.

But I can't help but wonder if he had a professional crew to work with, someone with Wankz or POVR's technical wizardry and talent, what he could be capable of. Because he has some awesome ideas, he's just stumbling at times due to the technical limitations.

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