Bending Over Backwards

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40 min  •  8 June, 2022

You'll be bending over backwards to help Nikki Sweet and she'll bend over backwards to take your thick dick! You've agreed to help Nikki move some furniture around her place but everything she's tried just doesn't feel right. Put some feng schwing into her feng shui and find that perfect arrangement that will make her wet. She'll be so excited you got it right and no fresh start is complete without some new dick! You'll fuck Nikki all over the room and fit that meaty cock into some real tight spaces! Remember to lift with your knees and thrust with your hips and give Nikki the satisfaction she really needs when you slide deep in her ass!

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Comments (17)
4 weeks ago
Wow, what an amazing scene! Great performance, fantastic model. AND...(drum roll please), they did the hardest position in VR...close up anal missionary. And, they did it fantastically. Thank you POVR, for being awesome! This is going to be a permanent keeper for sure!
4 months ago
Good looking girl. I guess the main appeal for me was she looked a lot like a girl I wanted to have sex with at work, lol. Since I'm married, that wasn't going to happen, so hurrah for VR porn :P

I would have liked to have seen a little more range from her emotionally. It felt like mostly smiles and grins throughout. I kind of prefer the more emotionally subdued performances of European girls. Not sure if that's just how they are or how they are directed. Their productions can have a different emotional tenor though.

Some of the anal parts were pretty hot. I love watching a girl touch herself while she's getting drilled. But, do girls really like to suck a guy's cock after it's been in their ass? I don't think so but I'm not a sexpert in this asspect.

Stunt cock did everything he was supposed to. No complaints. The parts where he pulled on her nipples was hot. But...I think she could have taken that moment to ham it up a bit.

Technical aspects were well done.

6 months ago
@LordCrash I think I understood what you were saying and I agree with you that anal should not be seen as some super hardcore act that people freak out about, it’s very commonplace in porn now even on mainstream sites like Brazzers etc which are considered pretty vanilla porn sites. It’s been normalised to a large degree. There are still a lot of sites that focus on anal sex though and, if you look at a studio like Evilangel, a lot of their movies are anal focused. It is something a lot of porn fans like to see, it’s not some obscure niche fetish. It’s seen as normal.

In VR however it’s far from the norm to have anal sex included. It’s pretty rare in fact, not like a blowjob which is probably in every porn scene ever! VR does seem to treat anal as some extreme fetish act that only appeals to the minority when, in reality, it’s a huge part of mainstream porn and has been for a long time.

If you look at Gia Derza’s Twitter page or April Olsen’s or Emily Willis, every other picture of them is with a dick in their ass. It’s totally normal for them to have anal sex and it is expected in most scenes they do. On VR sites however April Olsen has one anal scene across all the sites, Gia Derza maybe 2 or 3 and Emily Willis none.

Much as I would wish it, I don’t expect anal to become as commonplace as a blowjob in VR porn, I just wish I didn’t have to wait 4-5 months between scenes with anal.
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