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7KBlocks And Socks

48 min  •  21 July, 2021

She takes a cock from the bottom and she puts it on top, she takes a cock from the middle and she puts it on top. That's how Lacey Lennon plays, she just don't stop! She's gotta' build YOUR tower putting cocks on top! She's eager and she's hotter as you build it all up, Lacy's legs weeble and they wobble as you slide it on up. She'll take her socks from the bottom and she'll raise them on up, fuck till' Lacy knocks it over and that's when you pop! But she'll start all over putting cocks on top!

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Comments (27)
4 days ago

Lacy looked really beautiful. Her performance was energetic and lusty. I was really into her look. Gorgeous woman. Lot's of orgasms, great facial expressions. She looked super hot sweaty and flushed.

Stunt cock did a good job. Nice size and everything.

A few favorite moments. When Lacy had her hands wrapped around his cock and was sucking on the end of his dong, oh yeaaaaah. When she was leaning forward in rear cowgirl and stunt cock buries his dick in her and had his hands on her hips. It was just a beautiful shot. In cowgirl when she is sweaty and flushed and she cums and a bit of drool comes out of her mouth. Fuck I was amazed at the video quality, everything was just dialed in so good. it looked incredible.

I took maybe 5 vr screenshots. Very memorable and beautiful moments.

Resolution at 7k, lighting, color, everything just looked so good. When Lacy is closer up and you can look into her eyes, man that was truly beautiful.

Great job guys! Definitely an A+
6 days ago

Turned our great!

Of course. There’s always things I would personally like to see. Like laying down, closeup cowgirl. And a CIM finish. But that’s just personal preference.

Overall though, an excellent scene!

(The other scene was for SLR. It hasn’t been released yet)
6 days ago
@bacula8630 Did it turn out as you had hoped? I saw you were pretty stoked over it. I seem to recall she had another scene out this week, but I can't find it now. Maybe just my imagination.
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