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Comments (13)
For sum reason this scene didnt want to stream to good on playa vr. I'll check again later.
> @dlstalker Vanessa Vega made a perfect vampire

The vampire teeth sequence was hot. She looks amazing as a vampire.
Vanessa is exceptionally beautiful. She reminds me a bit of Angelina Jolie in some ways. I like to just look at her sometimes and admire her sultry, sensual face. Her performances are always top notch. Passionate, lustful, sexy, sensual, and great orgasms generally speaking.

Stunt cock had good size and decent fucking. That cumshot at the end was pretty epic though.

> @LordCrash Wow, what a cumshot!

Wow is right! That guy should join his local volunteer fire department with that kind of output.

Excellent scene, costume, lighting. Vanessa Vega made a perfect vampire. Loved the color contacts.
Whose idea was it to blast the smoke machine every time she said "I'm cumming"?
That was oddly funny.
Finally got chance to check this one out.

Vanessa is very sexy. I particularly enjoyed the pole dancing at the beginning. I would love to see some more of that in the future.

I thought the moment her eyes turned red was handled well. Not too over the top.

Nice popshot at the end as well.

Good scene overall. Thumbs Up! 👍

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