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7KObedience Training

46 min  •  2 June, 2021

When your puppy is too much to handle, you call Kendra Cole! This dedicated dog walker knows that the right obedience training starts with the owner and not the dog. When she finds you home early one day, Kendra will turn from dog whisperer to dick whisperer and teach you to be more assertive. Kinky Kendra will make use of her leash to establish dominance to put you in your place! Fuck her doggy style and every style before the day is done. In the end, you'll learn to be a very good boy but it will be Kendra who earns the treat!

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Comments (30)
1 week ago
@lilbro1 He never said that he planned to include the name in the scene but on forum release posts.
1 week ago
@Staff_Darrell the male talent in every scene is me (in my mind) so it would take me out of the moment to see another guys name on the scene
2 weeks ago
Male actor is a huge part of how good a scene is. So in that sense it's interesting, especially if you could do a name search to find more of their stuff here.

Seeing the male actors faces though kind of ruins the pov illusion for me in general. It's one of the reasons I stopped watching czechvr, they got the bald guy. Once I saw him I couldn't unsee him from the scenes as I find him unattractive.

As far as the critiquing part and what is off limits and such, I'm not sure where that line is. Wankz has employed a variety of male talent, some of them outstanding, other's not so much. If a male actor cant stay hard during a scene I'd have a problem with that as a viewer. I don't need an impotence simulator. Similarly, if a stunt cock has an odd looking penis or is small, that's something that is distracting as well. I don't want to fuck the hottest girls on the planet with a small penis (or smaller than me anyway...I guess it's all relative.) I just don't feel the same excitement fucking a girl with a smaller dick than what I have, or a really thin dick or one that just looks odd for some reason.

I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it though. The great thing about Wankz has always been the forums and the freedom to express yourself, but critique and feedback is not always complimentary. But all things change including the Wankz forums.
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