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Behind The Music
Pizza Guy Porno Parody
Ready Player Screw
Fappy Birthday!
Caged Ember
A Show About Fucking
Insane Clown Pussy
It's Your Move
Comments (37)
@dlstalker Haha! 😁

That the exact clip I thought about when I first read vanter's nickname!
> @vanter the stuntcock DoubleTime

Around here, he would be called Jimmy "Two Times".

> @vanter but the stuntcock DoubleTime made this video especially memorable.

Is that what we’re calling him going forward. 😂

You and the nicknames! 😂

Love it! Keep ‘um coming! 👍
> @Vrsumo2017 I'm pretty sure this is going to be my favorite this week

Had to rewatch this and the coco scene, tough one
But the fact stunt cock there loaded off during Gunners rcg and then gunner stuck it back in was hella hot 🔥🥂👏

Fosho this my fave of the week.

But coco man! Definitely in second place 👍
Good video with some nice high points. Loved the parody aspect, but the stuntcock DoubleTime made this video especially memorable.

Both girls were beautiful and gave enjoyable performances. No complaints there. I enjoyed the contrast in girls and they seemed eager to please.

DoubleTime came twice, and both times generously. This isn't the first time I've seen him do this, but this time it was very notable in the volume of cum ejected. The first time he came my jaw probably fell open in shock but I quickly shut it as loads of cum spewed forth in my direction like Yosemite's Old Faithful. It was pretty awesome, but I was thinking I hope he can keep it up after that. And he did, he soldiered on, gave a great performance and then in standing position came again, exploding onto the girl's eager tongues and faces. Lot of cum. Impressive.

The parody aspect as well as the rare double pop shot make this video standout for me. I love a good pop shot, and cumming into a girl's mouth or onto her eagerly awaiting tongue is something I find really hot. But a good pop shot in general is pretty satisfyingly.

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