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45 min  •  20 July, 2022

Today you'll see how the other half lives and put Sarah Lace in the spotlight. She is the biggest star in Hollywood and the newest guest on the hit show, POVR Cribs! As a camera man you'll get a tour of Sarah's swanky house and much more when things start to heat up. You'll see why Sarah is so damn celebrated when she drops to her knees for her close-up. She'll worship your dick before bending over to give you her tight holes. Fuck Sarah in her sweet pussy and her tight ass too ang get the complete tour you always wanted. You'll help make TV magic happen but did you capture all the juicy stuff for your viewers? Sarah will get one more creamy taste of success and your ratings are about to go through the roof!

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Comments (4)
2 months ago
5 stars for boots on in missionary
5 months ago
Not really into Sarah. But I like the idea for the plot. So I decided to take a look.

It a shame we didn’t get the classic MTV Cribs opening. With a shot of the exterior(front door). Person opens door, welcomes you into their home. And of course, no episode would be complete without the line, “This is where the Magic happens”. 😀

I did like the alternate camera angle displayed in the Atomos. 👍

Like I said, not really into Sarah. Or anal. So I can really comment on the actual sex.

Anyways, cool plot. Cool digs. 👍
5 months ago
Amazing anal scene, thank you. I’m not buying the “oral creampie” finish but I don’t care as the rest of the scene was great.

Was concerned for a few seconds that we were going to get standing doggy as they seemed to be manoeuvring into that position. We then cut though into an absolute perfect doggy position on the table and with the fuck me boots left on. Sarah looked so good in that position, she has such a juicy perfect ass for such a small girl. Anal looked incredible in that position. I’m not a huge fan of prone bone position but she even made that look hot.

Would’ve liked some anal in reverse cg, not sure why it was left out, maybe the guy was having some wood problems by then as he clearly was at the end. Doesn’t matter though as this is one of the best anal scenes from Wankz in a while. Loved it and deserves more than the 83% rating it has.
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