The Longest Hard

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44 min  •  3 May, 2022

As the ultimate football fan you are a real armchair quarterback but YOU missed out on the big game! Harper Red wants to make it up to you and has prepared the perfect day filled with football follies and hardcore action in the gridiron. She's got on your team colors, she's got some snacks and Harper found a bunch of your old sports movies too. When she starts reading film titles, Harper soon discovers that she's found your porn stash! You'll bone in the end zone and score a XXX touchdown with Harper when she makes a play for your cock. Savor her sweet bush and go for that extra point when Harper takes the longest hard!

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Comments (17)
4 months ago
Wow. What an awesome scene. I had plans to watch it when it came out but for whatever reason just now came back to it and hooooly shit I'm mad I took so long. Incredible performance from Harper and now I can't decide if I should advocate for a "daddy" tag or just enjoy finding one because boy does it rev my engine when it happens.

Not even gonna dissect it because it was all good, but extra special shouts to the noisy sloppy grabby BJ section, the consistent ass slapping (and thighs and sides and tits 👍), the hair pulling, the close-up CG (thrusting wildly into the air good god) and really just Harper in general she fucking killed that whole performance. Her sex is on goddamn fire. Giving redheads a good name. I'm in love.

And as much as I dislike laying down mouth/face shots that organically happening was surprisingly enjoyable. Shouts Ramon for fucking her face while cumming, I think I shot another 3 ropes because of that. Love the cum play too. Maybe keep a little further away from my face while doing it 😛 She got dem slurp skills doe

God damn. My balls hurt. Bring her back immediately

P.S. Fun fact I went into the bathroom after to find out I had popped a small pimple on my nose and had bled slightly. There's no way it happened from hitting my PSVR so I have no idea how it did. Possibly just "tensed" it out from the intensity of the scene 🤷‍♂️
7 months ago
She was great and the Dirty talk was awesome :)
7 months ago
Good scene, Harper was as hot and as good as I expected her to be.

Ramon should work a bit on that belly. No issue at all in 2D but in VR POV we can sometimes only see maybe 80% of the action because his belly is in the way... 🤔;)

On the other side, that'd be super realistic since I'm in a similar body situation (although less hairy and less well equipped)... 🤣
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