Welcum To Hollywood

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42 min  •  15 December, 2021

Maya Woulfe is looking to make it big in Hollywood. She arrives for her latest audition and after reading a few lines Maya discovers there's a sex scene in this movie! Oh my! Truth be told, this aspiring thespian has not been fucked for a while and Maya is nervous about taking on this big part. She'll take method acting to a new level when Maya turns her casting call into an all-out sex session! You've got an eye for talent and today you might have just found your leading lady. Roll out the red carpet for Maya and give her a real taste of stardom!

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Comments (9)
9 months ago
Maya is so sexy, she simply has the certain "something", you know. Not a classical beauty but so sexually attractive. Also love her energy and the way she smiles. Maya also looks fantastic in these clothes. 🥰

Great video quality and decent angles. So overall a very good scene, very enjoyable. 😀
12 months ago
Maya certainly does look awesome. Love dresses, felt that could've been showcased a little more. But yeah she is a whoooole package. Head to toe I could watch her all day. The extra screen helped with that aspect. Bonus points for tit-slapping. Could tell she threw that one in as a "go ahead" and enjoyed it, and III did too.

One of the reasons I settled on this one today was the above comment (not so positively) mentioning standing bj and I got excited. Turned out to be less "standing" and more "leaning," again. Which I once again don't understand. I tried sitting at the edge of my bed but ultimately stood and just had to point the camera down till I couldn't tell anymore. Not my favorite aspect of the last few POVR scenes I've watched. She gives some good dome though!

Standing doggie (agree with above, girl should be kneeling, ***legs spread!!***) was super off for me. I re-centered and pointed a dozen different which-ways and just had to live with it at a certain point. Mish also seemed weird. Close-up seemed fine enough, at least I was able to lose myself in her enough not to care.

Laying portions similar story; could watch her going to town on me for ages so that was a nice way to get to the end of the scene. Will say the extra screen didn't do a whole lot during that section. Feel like that camera should've been more toward the back so we could get a view of what we couldn't really see.

Props for going back to standing for a face-related popshot, less props for it being that weird leaning position again. All in all, decent enough scene. Honestly hard to get through the technical aspects, personally.

Bring Maya back soon, seemed like she could take more than you gave.
Might have to bypass my creampie dislike and check out her WVR scene with my main mans Chad..
12 months ago
> @superman23 Maya looks incredible in that tight dress.

She certainly does. 😍 She seems to favour short tight dresses/skirts in her scenes, and she likes keeping her heels on too. 👍
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