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14 min  •  3 July, 2022

Bella is a stunning blonde babe with her flowing long hair, ice-blue eyes and a cheeky look on her pretty face. We meet her in the bathroom with a shocking pink silky drape. Lilly starts to strip, what a sensational body, now the drape is off we see shes dressed in soft pink lingerie and shes looking right at you through our VR rig as we get close up and personal. Pink again, this time her chirpy nipples focus our mind and camera lens, we love her tits, the perfect shape and size and such soft smooth skin, looks like shes got a bottle of baby oil, lets begin. Lillys dribbling the baby oil on her tits, its snaking down her immense body and we think its going to get slippery as the oil oozes its way all over her pussy lips, flowing inside her jackpot slot. Shes working the oil all over her tits, you can well imagine how the sensitivity of touch tingles with the oil effect as Lilly lavishes her nipples with affection provoking your VR driven erection. Shes looking right at us, such a hot babe with her dazzling eyes as she slides her finger furiously inside her cunt lips, they are shaved to perfection. Lilly really has the perfect vagina, her swelling clit jolts to the slippery slide rhythm as she wanks her throbbing clit. Just look at the sheen of the oil on her body, her face is a picture as her index finger speeds up, teasing her pussy, ultra-sensitive, wet, oily, everything is enhanced as her finger dances around. Lilly can feel urgent urges, her cunt is sparking waves of joy, shes bursting to cum. Shes losing control as her pussy mussels spasm, her body shudders, shes cuming hard, she cant stop it as her primal urges erupt squirting pussy juices mixed with oil all over her fingers. We bet you are a bit of a mess too, arent you? If only you could touch. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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