Play Girl Stories with Oceane

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15 min  •  8 January, 2022

for sure. Lets meet her in an Urban Chic apartment for some fun one-on-one. We get introduced to Oceane, shes a dreamy stunner, a steaming hot brunet with a face and body you wont forget. Shes all wrapped up, but not for long as she slips off a cardigan draped over her sensational body, bingo, out pop her perfect tits, revealing her inch-perfect body. Oceane has a cheeky smile on her beautiful face, just look at her with those elegantly fine features, her long bunnet hair tickling her shoulders and those wonderful big come fuck me eyes. She reclines out giving us a really close up look at her busty boobs and pink perky nipples as she sits there in black silky panties, we bet her moist shaved pussy is purring away in there. Now we move further into the apartment, this time shes in smoky grey lingerie, look at her long smooth elegant legs, all the way up to her tight little ass. Shes stripping for you as her busty tits and large pink nipples are in your face as she squeezes them together with her arms, they are a couple of bouncy puppies as our VR brings the perfect view. Oceanes stood right in front of you in her black high heels and tight panties, shes looking deeply right at you, doesn't she just make your balls ache with the urge to wank off in wonder? Shes back, in dusty pink matching her soft juicy nipples, shes really putting on a show, the great thing with Oceane is she oozes that hot girlfriend vibe, you are so close you can almost touch her creamy smooth skin and smell her hair. Now she means business, in tight black lingerie we see the true babe body in all its elegance and erotic excellence, all the time she keeps her eyes on you connecting virtually. She stretches out on a fluffy drape, smiling at you like the cat thats got the cream, we would not be surprised if you were whipping up some for her now as you dream of blowing your load in her face. On to the crisp white sheets in the bedroom, just look at her in the silky black number, her pussys purring for you again, stripping off for a fuck me finale Oceane looks like shes ready for some bed surfing with you, jump right in. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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