Samantha Hayes

  • 38.5kviews
  • Birthday:
    25 November 1998
  • Birth place:
    Alaska, USA
  • Height:
    5'7" (170cm)

Samantha Hayes made the epic journey from the top of the world to entertain porn lovers everywhere! This sexy Sagittarius is originally from Alaska but the North Pole isn't enough for this insatiable cutie. She's been appearing in notable adult titles since 2014 and was nominated for Best Actress in an All Girl scene in 2017. You've probably enjoyed her fine work from some of your favorite lesbian sex and facial titles. Her long, silky hair slim body and tight pussy makes Samantha a fan favorite. Spend time with this unforgettable sweetheart in VR and decide for yourself!

4 Videos
House Warming
Samanthas Boy Toy Feisty Teen
Girl Scout Nookies Taste Sweet

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